Welcome To Mental Health America
of Mclean County

The mission of Mental Health America of McLean County is to inform and involve our community in understanding mental health issues and to facilitate maintenance of a community environment that meets the needs of persons with mental illness and promotes positive mental health status.

Mental Health America of McLean County is a non-profit organization open to all persons and organizations in McLean County who display an interest in the objectives and purposes of Mental Health America.

Board of Directors

Mental Health America’s Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from many disciplines and areas of McLean County, who meet monthly to initiate, organize and facilitate mental health awareness efforts in our community.

Become Involved

Be an advocate for mental health awareness and join Mental Health America! Annual dues are $20.00 and help support program initiatives of Mental Health America of McLean County.

Mental Health America’s funding comes from annual membership dues, donations and bequests. Download our membership form and become a member today.

Contact us to find out more about Mental Health America of McLean County, PO Box 795, Bloomington, IL 61702-0795.

May is Mental Health Month: In May, MHA promotes the importance of mental health in the community. Decreasing the stigma associated with mental illness is the primary goal of our “May is Mental Health Month” activities. Our intent is that individuals in McLean County will learn that mental health treatment is effective and how to get the help they need.


Throughout the year, Mental Health America provides program support in the community related to mental health issues and mental well-being. Some components of the MHA include:

Educational Programs: MHA is able to access community resources to coordinate informational presentations on mental health issues along with referrals and support.

Click the links below to view information on our September 13, 2013 program, "The Future Landscape of Behavioral Healthcare and its Impact on McLean County".

• Program Guide

• Executive Summary

The Annual Gift Lift: Mental Health America donates holiday gifts to individuals with mental health issues who live in residential settings within our county. Gifts are donated through contributions by community members and/or purchased by MHA.

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